A Burden For Oldham County

4 When I heard these things, I sat down and wept. For some days I mourned and fasted and prayed before the God of heaven. - Nehemiah 1:4

I grew up in Kentucky.  As a child, I remember my parents talking about how much had changed since they were younger.  I scoffed at their notion that the world had somehow declined, knowing that some of our nation's greatest atrocities lie in the rear-view mirror.  I had this idea that all people long for days they were more familiar with.  That's still probably true.  Now that I have returned to Kentucky from doing ministry around the country, I can say with no reservation, this is not the same state that I remember from my childhood.

I was told that I wouldn't be a good choice to plant a church in Oldham County, because OC is an "affluent" county and I have a history of doing ministry in more impoverished areas.  But, I look past the shiny exteriors and see people that are chasing happiness, thinking that it can be found in the next big thing or the next weekend or the next promotion.  I see a people that need the hope and contentment that can only be found in the saving mercy of Jesus Christ.

But...there are other churches in La Grange.  In Crestwood.  In Buckner and Centerfield.

Yes, there are.  They are good churches.  They are doing their best.

Yet, the small drug problem turns into an opioid epidemic.  Oldham County ranks among the top in alcohol-related health issues.  And monetary need runs rampant amongst apartments and trailer parks that provide a stark contrast to the brick-laid neighborhoods just next door.

The need is simply too large.  More churches are needed.  Different churches are needed.

So, God gave me a chance to start something here.  For almost 8 years now, my family and I have lived among the need and gathered a group of people that share a burden for OC.  We have reached out through unconventional means to people that needed a church that was a little more honest...a little less phony. 

The season of gathering is ending.  Now, it's time to see this burden become a mission.

Do you have a burden for OC?  We could use some help.  We are starting a church to offer hope to those that are seeking it out in other places.  We could use a person like you.

I realize that it will be hard.  It may even cost us something.  But, we could really help some people by sharing this hope that has been given to us.  We can make a difference.

Let's get started.

Matt Monyhan

Matt Monyhan is the Lead Pastor of Real Family Church. He has been in ministry for almost 2 decades and is a husband and father of 2 sons.