A Real Family Preview

We have a big weekend coming up.

It's our first "official" preview service (or Open House).  For the first time, we will open our doors to the public as Real Family Church to say "come check us out".  It's daunting for us.  We have an idea of what church can be and now we get to see what other people think about that dream.  (Sure, we've started churches before, but there is never a time when it isn't somewhat intimidating to open the doors.)

So, here is a little of what you can expect at our first Preview Service:

1.  It won't be perfect.  The musicians will rock, but they will make mistakes.  The preacher will share something that is relevant to you, but he will probably say something stupid in the process.  The coffee will be good.  It will be hot.  And...well...the coffee will probably be the one thing that we know we will get right.

2.  It will be real.  The reason things won't be perfect is because we are just lousy at faking it.  The people you meet will be real people with real jobs and real problems.  You will feel right at home, as we seek out the real hope that is found in God.

3.  The kids will be loud.  It's true.  We have kids workers that are amazing.  And I have given them specific instructions that the kids should HAVE FUN while learning about Jesus.  That means they get loud sometimes.  Whenever we hear the kids singing or shouting, we just smile because we know that they are enjoying their experience in church.

4.  The service will be about an hour.  If we thought that we had a reason to go longer, we would.  But, in an hour, we feel we can connect with one another, hear some good teaching and pray for others.  Plus, it helps our kids workers to know when things are over.

5.  No one will be dressed fancy.  If you want to dress up, go for it.  But, there is a good chance that nobody else will be.  It will actually make you look pretty sharp, ahead of the game even.  We wear what we would wear anytime that the family hangs out.

6.  We will treat you like family.  We firmly believe that God created us all to be His children.  That means we are family, even if we don't realize it yet.  So, when you come through the door, you will be treated like a new aunt or uncle, a cousin we haven't seen in awhile, a brother that we would give anything to connect with.

We love this community we are in and we hope that the community will come out to visit.  It's exciting stuff for us.  Come and take a look at the new church on the block!

Matt Monyhan

Matt Monyhan is the Lead Pastor of Real Family Church. He has been in ministry for almost 2 decades and is a husband and father of 2 sons.