Our Mission

"It is our mission to connect with REAL PEOPLE in Oldham County with REAL TALK about issues that matter to our community, bringing REAL HOPE through the love and acceptance of Jesus Christ.

The Hills of Real Family Church

These core values are "the hills we  will stand upon".  They can be found in Acts 2:42, as an example of how the early church was not just a gathering,  but a real family.
"They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer." - Acts 2:42

Relevant Teaching

Quality teaching is relevant to the common man.  It is easily understood by persons of all stages of Christian maturity.  It is exciting and easily shared by learners with others.  Relevant teaching is a must in today’s church.

True Family

A community is developed intentionally by the members of that community.  Spending time with one another outside of the main worship service is essential to developing a church that truly cares about people.  Family is not a by-product of church ministry.  It is the ministry.

Hanging Out

Jesus was constantly accused of "eating with sinners".  It became one of His calling cards.  To be like Christ, we must seek out opportunities to hang out with people that may not normally seek us out.

Fellowship With God

Prayer is more than saying grace prior to a meal or seeking to have needs met.  Prayer is fellowship with God.  A church worth attending is a church where God is.  Through worship, giving, and times of meditation and supplication, the church will become known as a House of Prayer.

Blessing Others

If our church exists only for itself, than it doesn’t need to be here. So, we will find every opportunity to bless the people around us…in our neighborhoods, workplaces, schools and communities. It’s what Jesus would do.

Our Story

In 2009, two families had the idea to start a church that was different from the churches of the time.  Rather than focusing on liturgy and doctrine, they would focus on friendships and family.  They called it Four Hills Church, a church for imperfect people.

Over 8 years, Four Hills evolved into a "café-style" church that ministered to approximately 30 families.  Throughout that time, the church developed an identity of valuing honest faith and strong families.  God has birthed a new vision to build a church on that identity, a church that values REAL FAMILY and seeks to make a difference in the families of the community.

Four Hills has opted to close the doors of it's café-style location and with it, close the book on Four Hills Church.  In January 2018, the doors will open to the public for Real  Family Church, a church that is laser-focused on spreading hope to families in Oldham County and its surrounding areas.

Our Ministry Team

Matt & Stacy Monyhan

Lead Pastors
Matt and Stacy are the pastors of Real Family Church.  They have served on staff at multiple churches over the past 2 decades.  Their ministry style is honest and friendly, making the Bible easy to understand through hands-on teaching. 

In addition to their pastoral roles, Stacy leads the children's ministry team and teaches 5th grade in Louisville, KY, while Matt is a freelance writer.

Martin Armstead

Martin heads the Next Steps program at Real Family.  He is a student, as well as a teacher, constantly learning and growing in his faith.  His passion for discipleship makes other excited about growing in their faith.

Outside of Real Family, Martin is a personnel manager at a local call center.

Ashleigh Casazza


Caleb Monyhan